QuickTox Kit for QuickScan - Aflatoxin FREE

for expanded matrix testing in
Aflatoxin FREE -
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EnviroLogix has expanded the functionality of this kit by adding more matrices that may be tested using an ethanol extraction: cottonseed, DDGS, rice bran, corn gluten meal, and coconut meal

QuickTox for QuickScan – Aflatoxin FREE provides fast, quantitative and traceable results for Aflatoxin in corn, wheat, and brown rice. Designed for use with the QuickScan system, Aflatoxin FREE quantifies aflatoxin in these matrices up to 100 ppb in grain samples - without ethanol!

For testing corn, wheat and rice, FREE uses a biodegradable, water-based testing solution, eliminating concerns over ethanol purchase, storage, and disposal, saving you time and money. FREE is also fast, with quantifiable results in as little as 4 minutes.

Now GIPSA Certified!

Aflatoxin FREE joins the family of innovative QuickTox test kits, including DON3, the fastest DON test on the market today. Kits for Fumonisin, Ochratoxin and Zearalenone are also available.

QuickTox for QuickScan – Aflatoxin FREE offers:
  • Speed - Four-minute test for common matrices

  • Quantification – Image processing and a unique barcoding system ensure consistent and precise mycotoxin measurement while eliminating the need for re-calibration.

  • Traceability – Instantaneous data (and image) storage onto a host PC means test results can be emailed, printed or analyzed for management decisions at any time.

Be sure you have the QuickScan software you need...visit the QuickScan info page to learn more

Catalog Number: AQ 209 BG......(Part #: 11178)

Certifications & Approvals: USDA/GIPSA Certificate of Conformance for testing corn and wheat (2013-047)

Analyte class: Mycotoxins

Detects: Aflatoxin residues

Format: Lateral flow membrane strips (dipsticks), 50 strips/kit, sealed in a desiccated, reclosable plastic canister; also includes dilution buffer, biodegradable extraction buffer and reaction vials.

  • Ethanol-free: Corn, wheat and brown rice
  • Matrix Group 2: Cottonseed (delinted), DDGS and rice bran
  • Matrix Group 3: Corn gluten meal, coconut meal (copra meal)

    LOD (Limit of Detection): Quantitation with the QuickScan system gives results up to 100 ppb

  • Ethanol-Free: Dilution Buffer, Biodegradable extraction powder (provided)
  • MG2 and MG3: 50% ethanol (not included)

    Results In: 4-7 minutes depending on matrix

    US List Price: Call 1-866-408-4597 for pricing.

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